Rough-haired terriers have a double coat with soft undercoat and hard top coat, which dies off but does not fall out. They therefore need to be trimmed regularly.

Every dog owner knows and accepts that his quadruped has a number of basic needs, such as eating, sleeping, playing and walking. Trimming the dog, which is indispensable for the hard coated terrier, is, however, reluctant to many people. Why, many newcomers to the breed ask themselves, does a terrier need to be trimmed at all?

  • The hard top coat of a terrier remains in the skin as soon as it has died. In order to prevent the formation of a dense coat of dead top coat and undercoat, which could cause skin irritation, the top coat must be plucked out. If the hair is cut or even shorn, the risk of skin diseases is even greater. Such skin problems are often only discovered under the dense coat when they are already well advanced and treatment is long overdue.
  • Trimmed coats have the hard and easy-care hair structure typical of the breed, while a clipped Westie hair becomes softer and curly. Soft hair tangles more easily, another argument for trimming.
  • If trimming is done professionally, it does not hurt the dog, because only the dead hair is taken out.
  • And finally, a terrier should be given his typical and distinctive expression, which distinguishes him from other breeds and makes him unmistakable.

So the reward is an easy-care, weatherproof and breed typical coat. Quite independent of the fact that a trimmed Terrier simply looks well groomed and elegant!

How often to trim?

The frequency of trimming depends on how much the coat grows and how much you have it trimmed each time. The first trimming should already be done at the breeder. Family dogs must be trimmed every 2 to 3 months, depending on hair growth, while show dogs are kept in shape continuously.

Trimming should be done regularly at the same intervals so that there is always new hair after trimming. At least 14 days before trimming the dog must not be bathed, the trimming interval must not exceed 3 months.