How we store your data

Each club member receives a unique membership number upon joining the club, which must be quoted in all payments and correspondence. In addition, we need your name and address as well as your telephone number and e-mail address. The ÖWHWTC stores the data of its members in a database that is strictly password protected. Only the members of the board have access to this database. Maintenance is in particular the responsibility of the secretary (Hauptverwaltung) and the cashier. Certain data of those members who get the Kennel Club magazine "Unsere Hunde" will be passed on to the ÖKV exclusively for the purpose of this subscription (name, address). There is no further passing on of member data. The member profile on the club website is only accessible to the individual member and therefore also protected.

The "Member Profile"

Members who have provided the club with their e-mail address will also receive their personal access authorisation to the "Member Area" on the club website and to their "Member Profile" ("My Account"), where they can check the data we have stored, such as name and address. After logging in, the menu item will become visible.

It is not possible for members to change this data themselves, because we need to know which data has been changed and when in order to compare it with the ÖKV subscriber data. Changes that you report to ÖKV are not forwarded to us, we only see them during the annual (manual) database comparison.

So if you wish to make changes, please simply send us an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), we will make the correction immediately and also pass it on to the ÖKV!

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