For the second time, our breeders competed for the ÖWHWTC Breeders' Cup. The litter with the highest rating was from the kennel "von der Grafschaft Lamberg", second was "Pride N Precious", third "Sallys Heartbreakers" and "White Sly Fox".

Based on our ÖWHWTC seal of approval "Recommended Kennel", the Breeders Cup is a competition between the most highly rated litters of each kennel.

And here are our winners – congratulations, and thank you for your dedication!

First with 149 points:

Litter W in the kennel "von der Grafschaft Lamberg", Werner and Gabriele Brandl (Upper Austria)
27. 2. 2020 • Loud Like Love Sunshine Celebration x Precious Diabolina of Sugar Star • 1/0 puppies • ÖWHWTC seal of approvement, Selected breeding, Champion breeding

Second with 111 points:

Litter Q in the kennel "Pride N Precious", Angela Haidacher (Tyrol)
30. 9. 2020 • Zenith of Rockwell U Can't Stop Me x All Eyes on Me Vertragus • 1/1 puppies • ÖWHWTC seal of approvement, Selected breeding, Champion breeding

Third ex aequo with 79 points:

Litter A in the kennel "of Sallys Heartbreakers", Sylvia and Claus Kofler (Tyrol)
6. 10. 2020 • Pride N Precious be my Vendetta x Royal Sunray Amy • 2/2 puppies • ÖWHWTC seal of approvement

Litter B-Wurf in the kennel "White Sly Fox", Karin Balzer (Carinthia)
18. 1. 2020 • Luzifer von der Grafschaft Lamberg x Oh Wendy von der Grafschaft Lamberg • 3/2 puppies • ÖWHWTC seal of approvement, Selected breeding